As often happens when presented with technological innovations, the opinion of users and experts is divided: there are those who immediately proves enthusiastic and there are those who show greater skepticism or not is interesting. Feelings that meeting perfectly when you talk about devices folding. Anyone who saw me use Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in the last 24 hours he asked me if this type of form factor is really helpful, whether it is the idea that really will change the mobile market or just a pure exercise of style.

I’d be hypocritical to give an answer right now, that is for Z Flip or other flexible devices, but only time will tell if there really is a space of expansion that this new type of products and what will be the design the most functional, comfortable, and useful at the same time. Also internally, in the office, we are divided in this first approach with the folding and the recurring question is always the same: but it’s not uncomfortable to open and close?

The first thing that I liked Galaxy Z Flip it is his nature to be “true smartphone”, unlike the Galaxy Fold, in fact, has the appearance of a terminal almost common once open, the display the OLED main by 6.7 inches. There is then the phase of readjustment to a form factor is completely different, and Samsung tries to make us understand immediately that Z Flip closes, but not by force. The sales package contains the smartphone deployed and the first impact is not understood to have in front of a “fold” is small.

The idea that I am done after these first few hours of use is that, despite the extreme convenience of being a foldable clamshell – and the ease with which you can hide in a pocket – does not need to always be closed when not in use. Once you have taken a bit of confidence with the device, in fact, you will be natural to leave it open and the reason is closely related to the quality of the zipper. The Korean manufacturer has made treasury of previous experience, and created a better mechanism than what we find on the only similar product marketed by a few days.

In addition to the two positions that all take for granted, opened and closed, it is in fact possible to explore numerous ways of the midst which may prove to be useful to many purposes, on all the app of camera that fits with a particular arrangement of the layout.

Well, after some time I have not had the urgent need to close it, I simply opened, used and put in your pocket, because the perception of solidity of the smartphone allows me that. Please note: the glass should ensure greater protection against scratches compared to plastic, but only the actual usage we will provide a proof of the thing.

Poggiandolo instead on my bedside table, or dinner on the table, I closed it, because instinctively I want to that occupies less space as possible, and this freedom excites me. Behold, the freedom, the right word that we’ll have to keep that in mind when you talk about a folding, their flexibility opens up more options for the use of the normal and we must be able to interpret them without too many preconceptions.

The zipper is still one of the strong points, the ability to manage all the inclinations from 90 to 180 degrees it opens to a type of interaction similar to that of the notebook, then tilt to the choice for reading or other tasks once resting on the floor. Just a shame that the glass base glossy “slides” a little bit, maybe with a cover you will have more stability on the surfaces, I recommend watching the video for some practical example.

When you’re a market leader, you have a double responsibility: you have to continue to make it better for all and you can’t afford to make mistakes. We all know that Samsung, as perhaps few others can provide such care for the details in the construction and assembly of smartphones, but even they are wrong and have gone wrong in the past. Steps certainly painful for the company, where certainly have learned, so as to produce a second generation concrete.

Here is the Galaxy Z Flip has the air of a folding is already mature, so solid and well built that you do not have any qualms in playing with the zipper. The critical points have been protected well, well, the know-how accumulated on the Galaxy Fold here, you see, and the symmetry is almost perfect: by 167,3 mm measured open you switch to the only 87,4 mm when closed, and a thickness that goes from a minimum of 6.9 mm to a maximum of 15.4 mm.

Icing on the cake , a flexible glass which Samsung calls the Ultra-Thin Glass, you can hear the difference and feel compared to the plastic, of course, the feeling is so much more natural and similar to what we are used to on smartphone traditional. What then surprised me, net of the premium material, zipper, and hardware platform from the top of the range is the weight, because you enclose all of this in just 183g was prodigious.

The fold is there, and you feel compete with that! In addition to the psychosis from infection for the MWC 2020 Barcelona there is also that of the fold; mine is obviously a joke to exorcise this search for the right angle and light to reveal or not to the sight and feel of this discontinuity on the display. I don’t know how Samsung has managed to insert a glass that bends, but in the point of flexion will hear of this passing and what I do not create any kind of problem, as already said also for the other folding. I think it is one of those concerns, “useless”, let me say the term strong, that you create online, even before it could try directly with the hand.

There is not going to happen, there are things much more important and interesting.

Our job is to look at everything with a critical eye and look for the “flaws”, but on the Z Flip I admit that it will not be easy, although one thing is obvious: the external display is nearly useless.The freedom of being able to keep open or closed, the smartphone should not become a limiting factor, especially if you’ll quickly realize that having closed it controls very little; the panel touch 1.06 inch just only for the time, charge level, and a couple of swype that show any notifications.

Sin that through the photos is really difficult, it lacks the physical space to enjoy them and swerve to avoid the opening movement, which offers access to all. If I had to think of a Galaxy Z Flip “perfect” then it would have an external display, much larger, maybe even an e-Ink black and white if the problem is fuel consumption (but I’m afraid that the limit has been also physical, in the absence of the space).

The reader of fingerprints is of the ones I like, place to one side as on the Galaxy S10e, clickable and precise as usual, does not miss a shot. But find it is not easy, is very much up to the wire, and often “play” with your thumb to figure out where you are, because near there is the zipper, which to me is deceptive, it would be better to make it more recognizable.

The esthetic compromise of this design is so futuristic are the frames, certainly pronounced if you compare it to the minimum of the new Galaxy S20 submitted on February 11, but it is a limit which I understand will certainly and on that you have to close one eye. However, being slightly in relief with respect to the panel, does not help at all the gestures to the screen (the finger is a small step), a detail seen that many use and continue to use the classic navigation buttons.

So much meat to the fire and little time to drain my and our of curiosity, I did not, in fact, spoke of the excellent display Dynamic AMOLED which is one of the protagonists, as well as bend seems to show immediately its quality. There will then be time and opportunity to explore the portfolio multimedia: the two rear cameras that trace very closely the configuration already seen on both the Galaxy S10 that on the Galaxy S20, but without the “tele”. Sin, instead, that the audio is in mono, the capsule is not used as on the GS10/20.

The power then is not missing and will be the subject of discussion, beyond the fact that we can consider it a top of the range all of the effects, I want to put the emphasis on the use of the fantastic chip Snapdragon 855+ we so longed for the new Galaxy family. The SoC has so many quality under different profiles, but it is also a certainty in the consumption that bodes well in view of the battery (double occupancy) 3,300 mAh battery that, in this first day, of course I was not disappointed.

The last good news lies in the confirmation of the connectivity, then the slot for the nano SIM and the possibility to exploit, at the same time, a eSIM (here our test). Appointment and postponed to the next day for more, live drums, and full review!