The docu-filmLunar City” will be available by 31 march in streaming with a resolution of 8K on the Samsung TV. The news comes thanks to an agreement between the brand and Korean service Pounds, already active since a long time just to promote the dissemination of content in high definition. Lunar City will come a few weeks in advance at the cinema, where it will be shown in 85 cinemas from 17 to 19 February.

The docu-film has been realized with the patronage and support of ASI, the Italian Space Agency, as well as the American Embassy in Italy and of the Center for American Studies, and is also the result of a collaboration with NASA and the Italian Space Agency. In 65 minutes is told, the process of space exploration conducted by the man, using the original images of the space. Lunar City is actually part of a trilogy dedicated to the missions in space: the other two chapters are “Expedition” and “Destination Mars”.

Bruno Marnati, Division Manager Audio Video at Samsung Electronics Italy, said:

The technology, 8K is the future of TV and is the result of years of research and development of our company in the context of image quality and high resolution. In this third year of the placing on the market of the first models, Samsung is proud to continue to “team up” with a technology partner such as Pounds to offer to those who choose a TV QLED 8K Samsung native content from the amazing quality.

A trailer from the 60 seconds of the Lunar City you can see from this week on the QLED TV 8K in a few selected stores that are listed below: