Sky will make its debut in the ultra-wideband within this June: the promise and confirmation of rumors which have come in these recent months, comes directly from the ceo Maximo Ibarra in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore. Everything is possible thanks to the agreement with the Open Fiber, from which Sky buy access to the fibre-optic network. There are other advances on how you will compose the offer or what prices to expect.

Ibarra (which, it is well to remember that, in the past he has been the ceo of Wind) argues that the convergence between providers of content, especially video, and connectivity suppliers is inevitable. Two-thirds of the volume of internet traffic is generated by streaming video. Consumers are finding attractive the idea of a unique offering that includes content and connectivity. Important is to make sure to be well-positioned in three key aspects: quality of content, speed (actual, not nominal) of the network and the user interface simple and intuitive.

Sky, also thanks to the ability of SkyQ, aims to aggregate different offerings, becoming the place to find the content you want: a real hub in the homes and the Italian families

Remember that Sky is registered in the Register of Operators of Communication, or ROC, by the end of 2018, from that moment it became clear what would be the evolution of the television service premium. It is worth noting that Sky also aims to become a mobile operator (which makes perfect sense having regard to the speech of centrality made by Ibarra). The announcement is official, thanks to a partnership with Fastweb, and dates back to the end of 2019.