The functionality Live Caption of Google may soon depart from the world of the smartphone and land on to the Chrome browser. The first clues were leaked only a few hours, after that some users have identified a commit on Chromium Gerrit referring precisely to this characteristic.

The commit in question, it is explained on XDA Developers, which is related to the service SODA (Speed On-Device API), used for real-time operation of the subtitle on the browser. Within the same commit, is several times mentioned the name Live Caption and a specific comment from a Googlers reads:

I think we should use “Live Caption” when we use a name for the function that coincides with that of the Android.

For the moment, are not leaked more information about the landing of this feature on Chrome. The announcement of the Live Caption goes back several months ago, its use was expected in a first time within the range of Pixels 4, but by a few hours, Samsung and Google have announced that they have made compatible also with the latest top of the range of the Korean manufacturer, namely samsung Galaxy S20, and the two variants Plus and Ultra.