After the launch in some selected countries, Gameloft has announced the availability of Overdrive City on the app Store in the world.

Overdrive City

Overdrive City mixes various genres of gaming to provide a new approach to the category of City-building game, and at the same time be appreciated by fans of the car, thanks to the brand license and races are playable. Players will have to become real business tycoons in the automotive industry, from the shop floor up to the starting line.

In the game, you build a car, provide services, manage exports and drive your collection of cars to create an empire automotive. The game is set in a world that is varied, made up of showrooms, streets, custom, unique monuments and many great surprises, including factories of a car with a design exclusive to Overdrive the City, designed in collaboration with each of the brand under license in the title.

In this title there are over 50 car brands, including Porsche 911 GTS, Nissan GT-R Nismo, 1967 Ford Shelby GT500, and many others. Each car can be customized with a system of 50 levels for the livery and colours. There is also a career mode divided into six chapters that will take the player to drive his car in the location exotic. With more than 1000 rides and gameplay guide top-down, players will be able to improve their technique, or activate the self-drive to complete every race and try to become champions. The game will be constantly updated with new cars, brand and features.

As a welcome bonus, all players who will download Overdrive City by 22 February 2020 will receive a Founder Pack, the commemorative launch. Overdrive City is available for free on the App Store; they are provided for in-app purchases.