The change of operator on a fixed or dispose of the line are now common practices for many users: offering continuous promotions, advantages tariff for new customers, and the alternatives to the fixed line, in fact, make the phone market more and more dynamic and interesting. There remain, however, doubts about the costs of cancellation of the ADSL, and fiber, even in this new year: how much you have to pay for a migration or simply to disable the service in 2020?

disdetta adsl fibra

In spite of the penalties have been erased by time, with the well-known of the Bersani decree, the decommissioning costs remain, although the amounts re-modulated downward and regulated by AGCOM, in order to avoid bloodletting in the case of portability on or off, as often happened in the past. In addition, according to the signed agreement and of the obligations, may be applied additional charges.

Experts ComparaSemplice.en we see, therefore, such costs must be known in case of cancellation of a contract ADSL or fibre this year, according to the provider of origin.

Costs cancellation TIM 2020

Telecom Italia provides for two different charges in the case of migration or deactivation of the service:

  • 5 euro if you make the number portability to another operator;
  • 30 euro if you require the disposal of the line.

To these costs you could also add:

  • 10 euro per month for every installment missing on the constraint activation, if you terminate the contract prematurely(before 24 months);
  • 5 euro per month if the early withdrawal is done before 48 months on an offer with a modem in bundling (the cost of the device is discounted completely if they respect the constraint of time).

Costs cancellation Fastweb 2020

Offers ADSL and fiber Fastweb, however, do not provide for any contractual obligation of permanence: the customer then can decide when to terminate the contract or switch to another provider, without loosing the activation free. The modem FASTGate free of charge, however, must be returned.

The cost of deactivation applied by Fastweb is the same both in the case of migration, that of the sale of the line: 29,95 euro.

Costs cancellation Vodafone 2020

With Vodafone, the amount you pay in case of deactivation or migration is in both cases is 28 euro one-off. The provider, moreover, you may also apply the following costs:

  • 1 euro per month of activation on the rate, missing, up to the attainment of 24 months (only in case of early termination);
  • 6 euro per month for each of the months remaining to the achievement of the 48 months, in the case of activation of the plan Internet Unlimited Vodafone Ready included.

The costs of cancellation, Wind 2020

As regards the costs of the cancellation of this year over the offerings “by Infostrada” of the Wind, the figures can be different based on the type of request, migration or disposal of the line) and to the service (ADSL, fiber, mixed copper or optical fiber). Here is the tariff expected from the provider:

  • ADSL: 55 euro in the case of portability , and 66 euro for the disposal;
  • fiber mixed copper: 55 euro in the case of portability, and 66 euro for the disposal;
  • fiber-optic (FTTH): 94 euro for portability, or for the disabled;
  • offered only entry: 55 euros in the case of portability, and 66 euro for the disposal;
  • offers Internet only: 55 € for portability and 66 euro for the decommissioning.

Wind may also apply to the following costs:

  • 5 euro activation for each month remaining to the achievement of the 24 renewals of a minimum stay (in case of early termination);
  • 5,99 euro per month for every installment missing to the achievement of 48 renewals, if the underwritten offering has also included the modem in bundling. The cost of the machinery is cleared if you failed to meet the time constraints.

Costs cancellation Tiscali 2020

Tiscali, as well as Fastweb, does not impose restrictions of stay and ensures the free activation on all new customers in the event of withdrawal after a short time. The modem, however, is offered free of charge and must be returned.

The expected cost for the decommissioning of the line, or for portability, it is equal to one month’s salary to the plan.

The cancellation fees on the offers ADSL and fiber of this year, then, concern not only the contribution on the deactivation or migration, but may also include the additional charges in time which are not subject to the restrictions terms and conditions of contract. Lastly, let us remember that, usually, the presentation of a true and proper cancellation request is required only in the case of discontinuance of service: if, however, the portability to another operator, will be the new provider to take care of all the paperwork for the closure of your old contract and you do not need to submit specific documentation to the company that you are leaving.

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