Canon has officially announced the development of the camera EOS R5, thus confirming the rumors recently leaked. R5 is a new mirrorless full frame , which will expand the EOS system R. The features announced are certainly capable of arousing the interest of many photographers and videomakers. R5 will be able to execute shots in sequence to 12 frames per second using the mechanical shutter , and 20 fps with electronic shutter.

The camera is equipped with optical image stabilization thanks to a new proprietary system internal to the camera, which will work in synergy with the stabilizer of the lens to reduce the vibrations even in the most difficult conditions. The video you will be able to respond also to the resolution of 8K, approximately 33 megapixels. Canon seems to focus a lot on this feature: we speak of “cinematic quality” in the filming and the possibilities in post production.

EOS R5 will be equipped with a double slot for memory cards (we do not know what will be the format adopted) and will automatically transfer images and a video on the new platform in the cloud

Richard Shepherd, Pro Product Marketing Senior Manager, said:

We are confident that the EOS R5 shocked the global market of mirrorless cameras, and we can’t wait to see the content that photographers and videographers will be able to capture with this new and exceptional camera. This mirrorless highlights, once more, our commitment and the need to take photographs and video, future-proof. We launched the innovative EOS system R in September 2018 with a series of objectives RF and EOS R. Soon followed by other objectives, RF, EOS, RP, and EOS Ra. EOS R5, with the exceptional quality of its images and its video, will become the new flagship of the mirrorless cameras Canon.