Apple reveals the design, notch-less of the iPhone 12?

Apple, starting today, has put on its web site the Backpack ICON Lite Backpack II Charger at the price of € 99,95.

The new backpack has a padded pocket a soft fur to protect our MacBook and also features a main compartment in which it is possible to insert larger objects and does this in a way that books and magazines are not deformed.

Apart from these features, from the photos of the new accessory you note an particular that will surely make a stir. In one of the photos in fact, we can what could be an iPhone 12 without notch.

iPhone 12

Even if it seems very unlikely that Apple will reveal thus the design of the next model of the iPhone, because it is not inserted in the image one of the latest models of the iPhone available? Maybe an iPhone 11 Pro.

Will be a marketing move to feed the rumors around the next iPhone models? Or the company has inadvertently revealed the design of the iPhone 12? Let us know what you think in the comments!