The patent application entitled “Object tracking and authentication using modular wall unit” reveals how HomeKit might work in a modular way in recognizing and making interface between the various smart devices in the home.

Apple explains that, despite the many advantages that the technologies of the home smart offer today, it is necessary to have systems that allow consumers to customize, resize, and reconfigure their homes in a more simple and intuitive.

The patent shows how the devices in the smart home may be used to automatically generate a advanced communication between them. Each object or device is capable of recognizing the position of the other elements of smart in the house, determining also the distance. The system can then determine and to automatically generate a floor plan of the building according to the positions, the orientations and distances determined by the various devices.

The system would use the communication technology ultra-wideband is already present on the iPhone 11. Of course, this system could also communicate with users that interact with it, for example, by detecting the position of the iPhone while the user walks to the house, so by switching lights on and off based on where it is located on the inside of the house.

All would work thanks to special sensors installed in the various devices that support HomeKit. What do you think?