Future versions of the Apple Watch may be updatable, thanks to a section of the modular on the back useful to add new sensors and features to the wearable device, but also to improve the existing functions.

Apple Watch modulare

TheApple Watch is one of the wearable devices more popular in the world, thanks to its elegant and compact design and its functionality. However, its current implementation prevents the addition of new functions, forcing users to buy the next model if they were interested in them. All of this may soon change.

In a new patent titled “modular System for watches” and published Thursday by the Office of patents and trademarks U.s., Apple offers the possibility to add new elements to a device like Apple Watch, going to replace only the rear.

Going to replace only the rear part is “modular”, the device will maintain the certification against water and dust, absolutely necessary in these devices.

The module in question will connect on the back of the Apple Watch through a variety of different mechanisms. Although the image shows the use of a bolt, the patent also suggests that these forms may be easily attached or removed from the main body of the clock without requiring special tools for it.

By placing the module on the back will be even more difficult that the latter fall off, seen that being in contact with the wrist of the user will remain in a position of tension. It also mentions a possible “watertight“, that could help maintain the integrity of the elements between the module and the clock.

As always, please remember that Apple has numerous patent applications on a weekly basis, but although they may demonstrate areas of interest in which the company engages in research and development, it is not a guarantee that such a system can then really get in a product or service in the future.