As reported on the official blog of WhatsApp, the messaging service owned by Facebook has 2 billion users, a strong growth compared to one billion by 2016.

account WhatsApp su piĆ¹ dispositivi

In four years, WhatsApp has, therefore, doubled the number of its users, and reached a record figure of over 2 billion.

In the message on the blog, WhatsApp is noted that today the private conversations on WhatsApp are more secure thanks to the built-in encryption:

We are aware that with the increase of the connections among users grow, the need for protection. We spend more and more time online every day and, for this reason, to protect our conversations is more important than ever.

That’s why every private message sent via WhatsApp is protected with encryption end-to-end by default. The strong encryption acts as a digital block indestructible that keeps it secure the information sent on WhatsApp, helping to protect you from hackers and criminals. The messages are only stored on your phone and no one else can read what you write or listen in on your calls, neither do we. Your private conversations remain among you.

And still:

Strong encryption is a necessity in modern life. Will not come down to compromises on safety, because it will make people less safe. For even more protection, we cooperate with the best experts in security, we employ industry-leading technology to stop the misuse of our application, and we have checks and ways to report issues, without sacrificing privacy.

The CEO of WhatsApp Will Cathcart said the company is working to make the service interoperable with other messaging clients Facebook.