The emoji are so many, but never enough. With the beginning of 2020 we received more than a hundred new, and yet it still happen that to reflect our spectrum of emotional options on the keyboard are tight, and we feel the need of something more. Kind of like a monkey with a cowboy hat.

Google is now to the rescue, offering to our interiority complex and irreducible to a simple smiley face, the ability to mix emoji and feel, finally, represented by a robot, no longer dull, but with shining eyes and pregnant with tears.

The new feature of GBoard is called “Emoji ” Kitchen” and it was already in testing phase for some time, but now it has begun the distribution at the global level, with much of the official press release on the blog of Mountain View.

“Emoji Kitchen” because it mixes the emoji between them, as if they were new recipes: by now, long press on a smiley, it will be possible to view a variety of adhesives prepared from Google by selecting one of the combinations that were considered to be the most incisive or funny. Exact: unfortunately we will not be able to create our unique chimeras by crossing the emoji of the bread box and that of the cat, but we’ll have to be satisfied with the selection that you will find.

The rollout of Emoji Kitchen, know by Google, is started today. Those who want to make sure you can try the new function, you can do so by subscribing to the program GBoard Beta. Once obtained, you can then trigger to explore all the possible combinations using GBoard on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, Gmail, Messages Google.