Google explains how he countered the malware in the Play Store in the 2019 @BitFeedCo.

The Google Play Store is the largest ecosystem of apps in the world. It may not be the most profitable for app developers, but in terms of the number of apps and number of downloads of the app ( and recently also of safety), is in the first place.

Unlike the shops are poorly managed as the one that was the Windows Store, the Play Store is full of apps, fake economic, lack of quality advice and poor user experience. Google knows very well the importance of the Play Store, and the company knows that the goal is continuous improvement.

In this regard, has provided in detail some of the numbers as it is managed to protect the Play Store from the onset of malware in 2019. Google detects that the thriving ecosystem of the Play Store can be achieved and sustained “only when trust and security are one of its fundamental bases”.

The last few years, the company has placed its trust and security of the Play Store among the top priorities, and has continued to invest in systems, policies and detection team of abuses to fight against the malicious app that want to infect the smartphones of the people.

In 2019, Google is engaged in a Google Play safer for children and families. The process of approval of the developers has been another improvement. The society has started a deeper collaboration with partners in the security sector through the App Defense Alliance. It is important to mention that it has improved its detection systems based on machine learning that analyze the code of an app, the metadata, and the signs of involvement of the users to any content or suspicious behavior.

These efforts have had positive effects to make the Play Store a cleaner place, according to the company. At the end of 2018, Google has released a new policy to prevent apps to access unnecessarily to sensitive data, privacy, and the call log. The company says it has seen a significant reduction of 98% of the app that access to SMS and data call log.

Its control mechanisms improved presumably have blocked more than 790.000 mail app that violate the rules before they were published in the Play Store.

In may 2019, the company has also adopted a policy to better protect families. To this end, he has collaborated with the developers to update or remove tens of thousands of apps with inappropriate content.

The other great achievement is the Google Play Protect. It was launched for the first time in 2017 and serves as security anti-malware integrated for Android devices. Scans more than 100 billion apps every day, and users are provided information about potential safety problems and actions that can be taken to keep their devices safe and protected. Play Protect has prevented more than 1.9 billion installations of malware from sources outside the Play Store.


Google explains how he countered the malware in the Play Store in the 2019 @BitFeedCo.