The great success of Apple Pay, the use of which is growing year by year, will bring important gains in the coffers of Apple. Here’s why.

The Financial Times has confirmed that Apple takes 0.15% of all transactions in Apple Pay. It is a revenue that banks pay to be able to be chosen and involved in payment system Apple. Payment systems, mobile apps, such as Google, however, does not provide for shares to pay to the banks.

Considering that in the United States only in 2018, transactions via credit cards reached a total of 7 trillion dollars, and that Apple Pay has accounted for approximately 5%, this means that Apple has pocketed about $ 525 million in 12 months.

In 2025, the transactions through Apple Pay could represent the 10% of figures still more, earning Apple more than $ 1 billion in a year.

All this considering only the United States and not other countries where it is active in Apple Pay. In short, an income-not bad for Apple.