In a world that is now focused on subscription services it is always useful to have available a small tool which is able to remind us of the deadlines of the various subscriptions by we, the undersigned. Apple is usual to enable this feature by default, using the email address to notify us of the renewal has taken place. If this method should prove to you annoying will show you how to disable the email of the renewal subscriptions Apple.

Apple Rinnovo Abbonamenti

The company recently has added a new feature on the iPhone and iPad that allows us to choose independently whether to continue with the reception of this mail notification, or turn them off totally, avoiding to clog up our mailbox.

To disable this feature is very easy and in a few steps, we show you how to disable it:

  1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad, and access the settings of the device via the app Settings
  2. Make a tap in the section above, dedicated to our Apple ID
  3. Once you have logged in to the relevant panel manager go to the menu Subscriptions
  4. Disabled now the entry to Receive the invoices of the renewals by pressing on the corresponding toggle

rinnovo abbonamenti apple

The deactivation of this option does not make it of course, inaccessible all invoices relating to the renewals of our subscriptions, which will remain as always available in your purchase history for our Apple ID.

If the large number of subscriptions you have subscribed to will cause some small problems in terms of memory, we can suggest the adoption of the fantastic application Bobby, an application available on the App Store that allows us in a simple and intuitive way to create a calendar of all of our deadlines, so of course push notification is customizable that will act as a reminder to you before or in conjunction with the renewal of a subscription. A solution, in short, much more smart, that is not going to clog your mailbox but will not fail to remind you of each due date, so you can decide in advance whether to continue with the subscription, or turn it off.

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