The chinese authorities have denied the news published a few days ago on the veto, for the reopening of the factories, Foxconn produces the iPhone. The relevant authorities are still carrying out the appropriate checks, but in the meantime, Foxconn is trying to move part of the production in India.


Reuters lets us know that the authority of Shenzehn are still carrying out checks in the various establishments and have not yet taken a final decision. Meanwhile, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published a note very detailed about the effects that will have the coronavirus on the production of Apple products.

Kuo explains that different health inspectors have conducted inspections at the factories of Foxconn, stating that there was “a high risk of infection by the coronavirus“. For this reason, it was decided to postpone the restart of production until February 10, but not beyond that. On the contrary, according to the latest news it seems that the factories will reopen as soon as the authorities have finished the controls and the sterilization of the facilities, and now tens of thousands of employees in Shenzehn will be able to resume their activities in some plants.

In addition, a spokesman for Foxconn said that no customer (not even Apple) has asked to resume production earlier than expected. There remains the question about the other plants of the company. If Shenzehn, the situation seems to be back almost to normal, the same can’t be said for other facilities located in China. In other regions still need to finish checks and, if the disruption will continue for a second week, then there could be serious impacts on the production of Apple devices.

Kuo does know that the factory of Foxconn in Zhengzhou is the most critical for the production of the iPhone, seen that there are assembled the iPhone 11, and the next iPhone 9. This structure would have to resume work on the 2nd of February, but at the moment has not yet been reopened. The plant of Shenzhen, however, will soon begin production of the iPhone of 2020 and at the moment there seem to be no particular problems, even if the active labour force is only 60%.

In addition, the factory, Pegatron in Shanghai, where we produce iPhone 11 iPhone and 2020, has resumed work on the 3rd of February. The factory, Pegatron in the Kushan will have to produce the iPhone 9, but at the moment the date of reopening has been postponed to February 17. In general, the production in all of these establishments will still be limited between 40 and 70 percent of capacity usual. For these reasons, Foxconn is moving to increase the production of iphones in factories in India.

In the meantime, barring other delays, the Apple Store in China should reopen on the 15th of February.