The discovery vulnerability on Android which allows you to be hacked via Bluetooth @BitFeedCo.

If you own an Android smartphone and use a Bluetooth accessory (such as a smartwatch or a headset TWS), you should think twice before using them in public. A detected vulnerability in the subsystem Bluetooth Android from the security company ERNW allows anyone within range of the Bluetooth on your smartphone to m without the knowledge of user.

This is a vulnerability quite frightening seen that in any of the moments in which it is in the midst of other people (at the local supermarket (at a concert or even just going around the city), the Android smartphone can be the target of a hacker attack. It is for this kind of vulnerability that is being recommended more and more often to enable Bluetooth only when truly necessary, and not leave it always switched on.

Once the hacker is able to rummage around in the phone, it is possible to acquire personal data and / or to introduce malware on the device.

How to get away from the vulnerabilities of the Bluetooth

Please note that there are two ways to be immune to this security vulnerability: the flaw does not affect those who have a smartphone with Android 10, or those who have a smartphone with the security patches in February 2020. But the problem of the fragmentation of Android means that there are still many Android smartphones are still running Android 8 Oreo or Android 9 Pie: these versions of Android are the two affected by this problem, while the Bluetooth is locked on an Android device 10 was violated.

The scary thing about this vulnerability is that it is not necessary any user interaction to allow the hacker access to the phone. If you are unable to update to Android 10, or to install the security update Android February, ERNW says that there are some things that you can do to minimize the ilo risk:

  • In the first place, the security company suggested to enable the Bluetooth only if it is absolutely necessary
  • You should also maintain a smartphone that is not discoverable in the Bluetooth settings.


The discovery vulnerability on Android which allows you to be hacked via Bluetooth @BitFeedCo.