Charrua Soccer arrives on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade adds to its catalog a fun and challenging game of football retro Batovi Games Studios dubbed the Charrua Soccer.

The game allows us to play against our friends or the computer, as well as compete in three game modes: friendly Match, Competitions and Match penalties.

Charrua Soccer has simple controls and optimised specifically for the gameplay random, as well as the retro art in 3D that evokes nostalgia, challenging gameplay, and benefits such as women’s football.

CHARRUA SOCCER BATOVI Games is a game of football casual retro style with the look of stylized 3D. It is a dynamic arcade game with fast-paced gameplay, with only the fun part of football! The game has 3D graphics, stylized inspired by the retro style of the games of the ’90s, evoking the nostalgia!

Are supported in the following competitions:

  • The world cup
  • America’s cup
  • European Cup
  • The women’s World cup
  • Global Cup 1930 (evoking the first international cup with a retro look)
  • Cups Charrua (men and women)
  • Charrua League B
  • Alloy Charrua To
  • Tournament Charrua

The game is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that offers over a hundred games designed exclusively for the Apple platforms for € 4.99 per month. Most of the titles included in the subscription are playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Is available a free trial of a month.