Android 11 would enormously simplify the printing of documents and images @BitFeedCo.

In 2017, Google has introduced a print service integrated on Android Oreo for printers that support the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). Before this, users had to seek services from third-party print on the Play Store to print something from your Android device. This change was determined by the technology provided in the code of AOSP by the Mopria Alliance, which may have additional new to Android 11.

Since then, Mopria Alliance has played an important role in the improvement of the printing on Android devices, providing support for printing via WiFi Direct in Android 9 Pie. Now, an engineer of the Mopria Alliance has sent a proposal for a change to the code to AOSP suggesting that Android 11 could include a new feature called “print Share” which simplifies the printing of images and PDF files.

Google has just created a new commit to the project the Android Open Source (AOSP) to enable the “print sharing”, a feature that will give developers the ability to send an intent to the printing service to print directly images, or PDF files without the user having to manually choose a print service from the share menu.

At the moment, it seems that this code change is to add a print button in the share menu because, in its current form, the function is only a way to bypass the share menu and allow apps to directly send the images and PDF to the printing service by default.

The code suggests that in Android 11 developers will be able to add a “print” button to their app to directly send an image or a PDF to the print service, the user’s default.

The commit also reveals that the content of the image is resized to a good DPI for the preview (DPI of the screen) or print (300 DPI)”.

For now, it is well to specify that there are no official information from Google about the issue, but we expect to learn more in the weeks that precede the first open beta of Android 11.


Android 11 would enormously simplify the printing of documents and images @BitFeedCo.