WhatsApp begins testing the dark theme on iOS: an app upgrade on the channel in private Beta TestFlight version has just been published and should arrive to subscribers in the next few hours at the most. Unfortunately, this is a private beta, as we said, then we’ll have to wait a bit before it is made available to a wider audience.

For the moment the information are few. In fact we have only the screenshot is coming directly from TestFlight, and even one of the interface of the app itself. We hypothesize that it is similar to the one we have seen on Android a few weeks ago, so I’d say more, tending to dark grey to true black. But, in fact, are only assumptions.

We do not have precise information on when the king of instant messenger you will be ready to extend the availability to channel a public Beta, but it seems to us reasonable to think in terms of days, up to weeks, certainly not months. Of course, we will not hesitate to update this article as soon as we have more details.