Deirdre O’brien of Apple has written to the staff of the Apple Store in China to explain the plans of the company regarding the re-opening, because of the constant threat of the Coronavirus.

Currently, the offices of Apple and well-42 retail stores are closed due to a new Coronavirus that is terrifying the whole world. Deirdre O’brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and People, has written to all staff in the Apple Store in the China, affirming that the company from Cupertino has decided to postpone the reopening of the store on the land currently planned for 10 February. According to the note of O’brien, Apple is reportedly continuing to work with health experts to monitor the situation and will post further updates in this regard.

Apple had decided to initially close the first two stores in January, and then decide to close all shops and offices remaining in China from the 1st of February. The intention was to reopen after the February 9, but things don’t seem to go in this direction. Now, the shops that are listed online as in opening Monday, February 10th, but it is possible that not all of them can actually be reopened on the same day.

We will update you with the developments on the issue and we will inform you when the store will be opened in China.