Fine to Apple by the French authorities for 25 million euros due to the so-called “planned obsolescence” that slowed down the iPhone older.

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The investigation on the planned obsolescence dates back to the month of January 2018. The Prosecutor’s office in Paris began investigating following complaints of the users according to which Apple was slowing down the iPhone through updates to iOS – in particular with iOS 10.2.1, and iOS 11.2 – without warning consumers. After these updates, the devices showed delays due to the system of power management that, in the cases of old batteries or worn, intervened on the efficiency and speed of the iPhone. Also, after making these updates, users were not able to restore the previous version of iOS, and you were forced to change the batteries or even to buy a new iPhone.

According to the report, Apple has agreed, therefore, an agreement with the Public prosecutor to pay a fine of 25 million euros , and to publish a press release on its web site for the duration of a month.

In the press release, the DGCCRF (the French competition) said:

An investigation of the DGCCRF and after the agreement with the Public prosecutor of Paris, Apple has agreed to pay a fine of 25 million euros.

We will update you if we learn more and when the release will be online on the pages of Apple.