Instagram confirms to a component of the puzzle of great importance to Facebook, is news today that the popular social network has generated about $ 20 billion in ad revenue in 2019. It’s about a fourth of the total receipts recorded by the group in Facebook, which ranks Instagram among the services of greater importance in optical revenues.

It is good to specify that the advertising revenue you speak of the revenue generated from ads that appear in the Stories, within the feed and in the Explore tab. Instagram has, therefore, generated higher total revenue than Youtube’s own admission Google has collected about $ 15 billion in the same year, going to cover about 10% of the overall revenue of the Mountain View giant.

The management of the revenues varies greatly among the different services, Instagram for example, unlike Youtube, does not share its revenue with the creators of content, but certain content IGTV are compensated by the company, the methods have not been clarified in detail. But Instagram is already preparing to confront an enemy more and more fierce, and we all know it’s called the TikTok and recent news that the two social may soon become more similar, even at the level of the interface.