Apple was the brand which has recorded the biggest growth in India in 2019

According to new data collected by Counterpoint Research, Apple was the brand premium smartphone the fastest growth in India last year, with an annual growth rate of 41%.

The shipment of premium smartphone in the country have reached a record level in 2019, with a growing on to finish 29 percent year-on-year. It is rumored that growth has been driven by premium smartphone at an affordable prices, offered aggressive as significant cuts in prices, and updates from users.


In the case of Apple, the growth in the fourth quarter was driven by multiple price reductions on the iPhone XR throughout the year. The iPhone XR has been the model of smartphone ultra premium number one in India, followed by Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the OnePlus 7 Pro, according to the report.

Apple has also overseen the launch the most rapid of its flagship devices in India, with all the iPhone 11 that is introduced at a lower price compared to the launch of the iPhone XR of the previous year. According to reports, this has helped to gain share during the festive season.

“We expect a 2020, more strong for Apple in India as it has expanded its production capacity in the country. These activities will help the brand to offer competitive prices in a price sensitive market like India,” said the Counterpoint.

OnePlus has remained the premium brand number one for the entire solar year, with shipments up 28 percent year-over-year and the brand has conquered a third of the mobile market premium of India. The chinese brand has also become the first smartphone brand to surpass two million shipments in a year by 2019.

In the meantime, Samsung has declined in the second position and has lost 2 percentage points year-on-year in the premium segment. The Galaxy S10 Plus has been the best selling model for Samsung in 2019. Accordingly, shipments of ultra premium Samsung grew 24 percent year-over-year.

After a successful year in India, Apple is now pursuing the objective of opening an Apple online Store in the country to start the online sales of the official iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the other, starting from the third quarter of 2020.

In August 2019, India eased rules that had prevented Apple to offer its products in the shops of the first part and in the Apple online Store. There are rumors now that the company is working on the opening of points of sale in India, with a store in Mumbai in the process.