YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have more than 20 million subscribers @BitFeedCo.

People spend more and more time on YouTube and this means that the buyers of advertising are spending more money to reach them. But it is the third option the one that is experiencing the greatest growth: those who watch YouTube and listen to YouTube Music (or Google Play Music) without any publicity, thanks to their Premium subscription.

All of this is the framework of what emerged from the report on the profits of the fourth quarter of the Alphabet. Sundar Pichai, the newly appointed CEO of Alphabet, said to investors during the conference call scheduled the company has decided to reveal some of the data for the first time.

In relation to the streaming platform most massive in the world, we have learned that YouTube Music, and YouTube Premium have collected a combined base of over 20 million subscribers while YouTube TV now has a total of 2 million customers (service available in USA only).

YouTube Music and Premium both offer experiences of listening and viewing, without advertisements, along with extra features such as playback in the background, the video downloads and access to some exclusive productions.

In the last year, the company was able to push these services in most regions, with nearly 50 new markets in the last year. It has also opened low-cost options to some of those markets, such as subscriptions for students, and subscriptions pre-paid, placing himself in line with the competition.

Speaking of competition, although the numbers shown by Sundar Pichai are good are not the slightest bit comparable to those of Amazon Music Unlimited, which has 50 million subscribers, those of Apple’s Music a bit further to the 50 million and Spotify that has reached the double-digit a few years ago.

What do you think? Which streaming service you use to listen to music?


YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have more than 20 million subscribers @BitFeedCo.