Apple has launched a new promotion Apple Trade-In in the USA concerning the Apple Watch, which is ideal for anyone who is considering changing its old smartwatch with a new one.

Apple Watch

In the USA, now Apple offers up to $ 100 for the trade-in of Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3, a higher amount than that offered normally for these devices, and that is 60 dollars for an Apple Watch Series 2 up to 70 dollars for an Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Trade-In

This promotion seems to be linked to the “Month of the Heart“, which takes place just in the month of February. Unfortunately, at least for the moment this promotion is not currently active in Italy, where prices are linked to the permutations of Apple Watch are unchanged and involve up to 80€ for an Apple Watch Series 4, up to€ 70 for a Series 3, and up to 60€ for a Series 2.

Apple Trade-In

We will update the article if the promotion will come in Italy.