The argument coronavirus, unfortunately, is taking the first pages of all the newspapers and a bit worried about all. TSMC, at least for now, he wanted to reassure them that the production was not affected by this situation.

Despite everything that is happening in China, TSMC has said that production in the factories in the country remains virtually unchanged, and it seems to have been influenced by the epidemic of the coronavirus. The same thing, however, seems to be able to say for the industry of the display, as the city of Wuhan is the headquarters of numerous factories engaged in the production of LCD and OLED.

Of course, Apple will be relieved by this news, because TSMC is the manufacturer of the processors in the Ax. However, problems in China could cause delays to the production of Apple devices in India, because the indian region remains largely dependent on China for the supply of the components.

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Just about, a report of LiveMint stated that the manufacturers of the smartphone in India are very concerned about the impact that the epidemic of the coronavirus may have on the supply of components from China. India is the largest producer of smartphones in the world after China, but still depend on the latter for the supply of several components. At the moment, the situation seems to be quiet because, in view of the arrival of the chinese new year, orders for components were increased to make up for the days of celebration in China. When stocks will end, the problems in India will be rather serious.

In India, Foxconn and Wistron produce different iphones for Apple.