Byte has arrived on Android and iOS devices last week: defined as the answer to TikTok, this service was born from the ashes of the Vine and allows you to publish short clips of 6 seconds. As mentioned in the news concerning its publication, it is expected also the arrival of a partner program for monetization of the content.

In this regard, Byte published a post on the company blog, which explains some of the mechanisms of the partnership programme, whose start is imminent. Bytes expected to create a “pool of partners” every 120 days, with remuneration divided up into four installments every 30 days, calculated based on the number of viewers of each of the partners during that period.

These statistics viewers determine their “Viewership Bracket” that could be defined as a threshold of popularity, the more the partner is popular and the more will be the revenue. For greater transparency (and to show that Byte points to be fair), to all the members within the same threshold will pay the same amount. The partnership program will work with invitations to request participation, you must contact the team head to this link. For more details, please visit the official post this in the SOURCE.