There we are, finally going to take off in the first HDcamp, a real Campus where most of the editorial staff of Rt will meet for 3 days under the same roof. As many will know, in fact, although many of us work in the Milan area, 2/3 of the editorial board are scattered all over Italy, and we can hardly see us all together at the same time.

HDcamp born from the desire to combine the “all” within a single structure in order to create a greater synergy and obviously an occasion that will serve to improve the training of all and present a series of innovations that you will see on the website during the course of 2020.

As you can imagine, for the next three days the production of content on the site will undergo a major decline in coverage of the news less timely and wide compared to the normal programming. However, we decided to open a live blog ongoing that will start right from the early hours of tomorrow morning, the day of departure.

The appointment is, in fact, close to Milan and all of us find ourselves, and by 11, at the structure that we will be hosting for the next 3 days. Thus, we advise you to follow us, it will be an opportunity almost unique to see almost the entire editorial staff together, to see the behind the scenes of our work, to peek at some of the presentation slides and maybe see some new face…

Do not want to anticipate much more! Appointment tomorrow morning starting from 5.30 am about….