The fears linked to the increasing spread of the Coronavirus is becoming more and more significant, is the news of the last few hours that Apple has decided for the interim to close all the official store and the corporate offices until the 9th of February. It would be a decision which is not isolated and in the air for a few days, at the beginning of the week, Apple had already arranged for the closure of three shops, but doubling the number of deaths (over 250) in the last seven days would have compelled the company to this solution.

You said, above, that this choice is not isolated, other realities such as Starbucks Corp and Mcdonald’s Corp are going to temporarily close their businesses as a precautionary measure. Although in China most of the reality is reportedly preparing to return to normal activities after the end of the lunar new year, in many cases, it was asked to the employees to work from home and put an end to travel of work considered non-essential, this time in the first week of February.

The possible impact of an outbreak of Coronavirus is currently under close observation and we are already talking about risks on the import of products made in China. Despite news of the first infected identified, the situation seems to be in Europe seems to be under control and also events of large magnitude, such as the Mobile World Congress, should not be subject to postponements. Without creating unnecessary alarmism, we wanted to address the issue by talking about it in our special on the Coronavirus, which I strongly recommend you read.