Shares of Facebook have lost 7% in Wall Street, burning a $ 50 billion market capitalisation, following the publication of the accounts of the last quarterly. In reality, the results of the Q4 2019 have been positive, in fact they exceeded the estimates of analysts, posting a profit of us $ 7.3 billion and revenues up 25%, for a turnover that was of 21.08 billion dollars.

Also the number of active users is increased: the monthly data are arrived at 2.5 billion (+8% year-on-year), and daily on at least one of its platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) to 1.66 billion. However, they are increased exponentially and also the costs that the company incurred during the year: increase due to hiring of new skilled staff, for example, in the field of privacy.

Essentially, the costs are increased and profits are reduced more quickly than expected on Wall Street. The growth of the 25% of revenues, while being significant, is the lowest since 2012.

According to analysts, the greatest concern of investors is linked to the continuous investments that the company Zuckerberg followed to take to protect privacy and curb hatred, abuse, and misinformation on their own social platform, also because of the new rules that are more stringent to protect and inform consumers about the collection and the sale of their data.