The UN has suffered a hacker attack that involved a good 42 serveraccording to what it says in exclusive The New Humanitarian, based on the vision of a confidential relationship within also confirmed by the Associated Press. The incident occurred this summer, from the month of July, but was only discovered on the 30th of August, and took place in the offices of Geneva and Vienna. It is known that at least two servers were used by the ECE or Economic Commission for Europe, while three were used by the UNHCHR, or the High commissioner for human rights. The other 25 servers are “maybe”, but still have not emerged conclusive evidence.

According to the report, the attack was very sophisticated, as to make one suspect that has been commissioned by a State (there is no concrete information about possible suspects); however, the intruders would be unable to “bite” a little – mainly a list of employees of the various offices and their email addresses. No sensitive information and passwords private. A spokesman for the UNHCHR has confirmed the attack, but added that the damage has been relatively low. Among other things, is emblematic of the specification according to which the UN is fighting hacker attacks is substantially continuous.

The news demonstrates, once again, that the hacker attacks, strike without distinction, private companies, public institutions, national and supra-national organisations. We recall, among the many, the emblematic examples of the violation of the systems of the NASA that you talked about last year or, to stay in Italy, the hackers who sold the credentials to access the database of the public administration.