The Unicode Consortium has announced that it has completed the list of new characters and objects that will be part of version 13 of the Emoji.

emoji 13

Version 13 includes a total of 62 new emoji, like the smiley face with a tear, a polar bear, a seal, a pickup truck, a teapot, a magic wand and a piñata.

These are the new features divided by categories:

  • Faces: a smiling Face with tears, face masked
  • People: Ninja, a Person in tuxedo, Woman in a tuxedo, the Person with the veil, a Man with a veil, a Woman who breastfeeds a child, the Person feeding the child, a Man nursing a child, Mx. Claus, people who embrace
  • Parts of the body: Fingers plucked, heart anatomical, lungs
  • Animals: black Cat, bison, mammoth, beaver, polar bear, dodo, seal, beetle, cockroach, fly, worm
  • Food: Blueberries, Olives, Peppers, Focaccia, Fondue, bubble tea
  • Home: Plant, vase, tea pot, piñata, magic wand, matryoshka, sewing needle, mirror, window, piston, mouse trap, bucket, toothbrush
  • Various: Feather, rock, wood, hut, truck, shoe, node, coin, boomerang, a screwdriver, a saw for carpentry, hook, ladder, lift / elevator, plaque, sign, symbol, transgender, flag of transgender
  • Clothing: Sandals, flip-flops, military helmet
  • Musical instruments: Accordion, drum along

The update also includes 55 variants of the genre and tone of the skin, together with new emoji inclusive of gender that can be used as an alternative to the basic versions.

Apple will adopt the new emoji Unicode 13 in 2020, probably in the fall with iOS 14. Last year, Apple introduced the emoji Unicode 12 in the update iOS 13.2, which was released in October.