Even a victory in court for the Nintendo, this time the object of contention is Mario Kart. After the sentence of condemnation to pay damages, equal to 10.1 million dollars relating to technology used in the Wii Remote, flipped to the last degree, and the cause of action, without success, by the association of German consumers, who asked for the possibility of being able to cancel pre-orders placed through the eShop, today is the third verdict in favor of the company to Kyoto in a few days.

We said, Mario Kart: from the other side, however, there are developers competing guilty of having copied the popular racing title, but the japanese company Mari Mobility (formally known as MariCar – that sounds very much like guess what? – at the beginning of the litigation), working in Tokyo, who offered a special experience. And that is the chance to race on kart custom, that actually seemed to make explicit reference to those circulating in the Mushroom Kingdom, also offering themed costumes (like the ones of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi).

Through its official japanese website (you can find the link to the press release in the SOURCE), Nintendo has given notice of their place in the end with success to a legal battle that lasted many years (it was begun, namely, in 2017). In 2018 the first judgement was in favour of Nintendo, stating that MariCar shed 10 million yen (more than 80,000 euros) into the coffers of the behemoth of gaming entertainment.

The story however did not end there: those of MariCar do not have data for the losers, and over the years have reconfigured their business, trying to take the distances from Nintendo, renaming the service “Street Kart” and providing our customers with costumes is not only related to Mario and company, but in general the world of superheroes. Was not a sufficient measure, since Nintendo is back to the office and “this ride” the tribunal has granted a compensation of 50 million yen, that is around 400,000 euros.

MariCar was not the only company working in the field, but the one most successful: it is likely that the severity of the ne spur the other to revise their plans.

At the end of the note issued on the website, Nintendo has stated that it will continue “to take the necessary measures against the infringement of the intellectual property”. A judgment, this one in particular, which may be connected to the plans of Kyoto to the future nextor: that is, the opening (scheduled for this summer) of their theme park, Super Nintendo World, to Osaka, but the format should be replicated elsewhere, starting from the context of the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida). Those who want at all costs to compete in a race of Mario Kart real must not despair: very likely to find shells red (strictly official) for his teeth.