Google has paid $6.5 million in 2019 as a reward for those who have discovered security flaws @BitFeedCo.

Online safety also the developers and white hat (hacker good) that analyze the various services of the companies and they search for security holes pass under the track during the development. Last year, Google has significantly strengthened the payments and the categories for its reward program for anyone who has discovered security holes and bugs.

The company is currently celebrating its payments the most prolific ever for the Vulnerability Reward Program, distributing over $6.5 million in prizes. Google says that this figure is double of what the company has ever sold in the previous year.

Google premi 6,5 milioni scoperta vulnerabilità 2019

Most of the money has been paid in the generic category “Google VRP” that includes most of the Web services of Google such as Search and YouTube, in addition to things like the app created by Google and the hardware of the company. The prizes belonging to the category of Android, Chrome and Play Store represented the majority of the remaining balance, helped by the expansion of the category taken from Google last year.

In addition to increasing the payments in all of its individual programs of bugs in 2019, Google has expanded each of them in a meaningful way. For example, the reward program on finding bugs and flaws in Google Play now includes the awards for vulnerabilities in any third-party app with 100 million downloads or more, and have added other categories to the program Android for things like the bypass of the lock screen.

Although the individual maximum can be approximately in the $1-1,5 million, the average premium paid by Google in the last year was $201.000. In total, it has paid amounts to 461 researchers / organisations, with some of the ones that reveal the vulnerability that they have decided to donate the prize to charity.


Google has paid $6.5 million in 2019 as a reward for those who have discovered security flaws @BitFeedCo.