Apple will have to pay Caltech $ 838 million for infringement of the patents-in WiFi

For Apple and Broadcom has been ordered to pay a penalty of 1.1 billion dollars to the California Institute of Technology for having infringed the patents of Caltech relating to broadcast WiFi, reports Bloomberg.

Apple will have to pay $ 838 million, while Broadcom’s $ 270 million, but the iPhone maker expected to present an appeal.

In 2016, Caltech has filed a lawsuit against Broadcom and Apple, claiming that the two companies have infringed a series of patents granted between 2006 and 2012. The patents in question refer to code IRA / LDPC using an encoding and decoding is simpler for improve the speed of data transmission and performance, with the technologies used in Wi-Fi standard 802.11 n and 802.11 ac are supported by many Apple products.


At the time, Caltech claimed that Apple was infringing four of its patents with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, router, airport, and Apple Watch. Caltech has requested a jury trial and preliminary injunctions, and permanent in the United States against Apple products using its technology. Now a jury has ruled that Apple and Broadcom have violated three of the four patents.

Apple and Broadcom have denied the infringement of the patent, and even filed counterclaims against Caltech, urging the court to invalidate the patents in question.

Apple has stated that, because Caltech has not presented the cause until 2016, six years after the publication of the standard 802.11 n, the term for the collection of damages had expired. Apple has also claimed that Caltech does not produce, use or sell products that carry the claims in the patents involved.