According to the latest data of Kantar, the launch of the iPhone 11 has contributed to increasing the market share of iOS in each of the key markets of the Apple during the last quarter.

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Here are the words of Kantar:

This has been a quarter of great success for Apple. Apple has decided to take a risk by reducing the starting price of iPhone 11, but this choice has paid off with excellent results, with gains in every region key to the global level.

The wearable devices have shown strong growth, with the Apple Watch, with the AirPods. While many sources indicate that the new Apple services as the main engine of growth for the company, the hardware continues to drive the majority of revenue and profit.

Kantar said that theiPhone 11 has had double the success compared to the previous iPhone XR:

iPhone 11 represents about 10% of all smartphones sold in Europe and in the United States in the fourth quarter, a result that is phenomenal for Apple. It is more than twice the height reached by the iPhone XR in the same period, which had also sold many units.

In Europe and the United States, the new family of iPhone 11 has reached the 50% of the total sales of Apple’s smartphone in the quarter, an increase compared to the 36% obtained from the line-up last year, the iPhone XS / XS-Max / XR, highlighting once again the ability of Apple to push the user to change the device.

The company has also gained market share on an annual basis in the United States, China, Australia, Japan, and UE5 (Germany, Uk, France, Italy and Spain):

  • United states: gain of 4.4 points – 47,2%
  • China: gain of 1.8 points – 21,4%
  • Australia: gain of 3 points – 43,7%
  • Japan: gain of 5.8 points to 52.5%
  • EU5: gain of 1.6 points – 24.3% of