Apple and Tesla produce some of the products most sought in the world, each in his field, but Caviar, the company of luxury accessories, has wanted to merge iPhone 11 Pro and the new Cybertruck Tesla, giving life to the Cyberphone.

Caviar is known for the creation of versions extravagant of the latest iPhone, as the models adorned with gold and diamonds that can cost up to over $ 100,000.

Now the company wanted to do something different by making the Cyberphone, which brings the angular lines, distinctive of the brand new Tesla Cybertruck on the Apple smartphone. The product also includes a front folding reminiscent of the truck bed of Tesla and serves as the support for the iPhone, in addition to protect the screen. The Cyberphone will be available in either edition iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, in the three cuts of memory canons.

Here’s how Caviar describes the “Cyberphone:”

The titanium body of the smartphone is protected in 360° from any mechanical impact from the outside: the cover the back, sides and even the screen are hidden under the metal plates. The total protection of the body do not violate the functionality of the smartphone, but improves it: now, if you want to use your favorite apps in comfort, or do video calls, security folding screen in titanium turns into a comfortable support.

The body design is inspired by the geometries of the new Tesla Cybertruck. Clean lines and precise, that in addition to being functional are also pleasant to see.

Caviar is asking affected customers to contact the company to know the price of the sale. At the moment, will be produced in the sun 99. In view of the absence of precious materials like gold or diamonds, perhaps the Cyberphone could cost less compared to the other proposals of the company.