Announced 117 new emoji that will be added to iOS by the end of the year

The Unicode consortium has announced 117 new emoji that will be added to platforms like iOS and macOS of Apple by the end of the year.

Emoji 2020

The new emoji this year include many of the characters as an alternative to Santa Claus and mrs. Claus called the “Mx-Claus“, a man with a veil, and a woman in a tuxedo.

Santa Claus emojiThere will also be new animals such as the black cat, the mammoth and the bison. The new emoji food, by contrast, include a pepper, a cake, and a tamale.

New emoji 202

A complete list of new emoji for Unicode, including previews, was published by Emojipedia.

The emoji have become an important aspect of communication on the iOS and other platforms.