Metro Exodus, and Gylt will be free games of February for subscribers to the Ruler Pro, at least according to the promotional material viewed by 9to5Google.

Starting from the 1st of February, those who have an active subscription to the service of game streaming to Google (including the holders of the Buddy Pass) will therefore be able to “travel” in Russia, post-apocalyptic Metro Exodus and venture into the disturbing and the melancholy world of Gylt, the adventure of Tequila Works that made its debut exclusively on the Ruler.

Subscribers to the Ruler Pro still have the opportunity – until 31 January – to get the free titles for the month of January: the details HERE.

Metro Exodus is an epic shooter narrative in the first person signed 4A Games. The game combines combat-lethal and stealth with exploration and survival horror into one of the worlds most immersive ever made.
Escape from the ruins of Moscow destroyed, and embark on an epic journey in Russia, post-apocalyptic to cross an entire continent in the greatest adventure saga of a Meter.
Explore the wilds of the Russian in the huge non-linear levels and follow an exciting story inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky that lasts a whole year: spring, summer, and autumn, up to the depths of the nuclear winter.

The re-creation of the Tequila Works is a journey in which you face your worst fears and the emotional impact of your actions. Set in a world that is eerie and melancholic, Gylt tells a story that mixes fantasy and reality in a surreal place where your nightmares become reality. Hide from the creatures terrible or take while you find your way through the challenges of this wicked world.