During the keynote dedicated to the iPhone 11, Apple introduced a demo created by the developers of FiLMiC Pro, which showed the possibility of recording video from the two cameras of the iPhone. Today, this app is officially available on the App Store.


FiLMiC has decided to release this as a free app in the part called DoubleTake. The app lets you simultaneously record video from multiple cameras and is compatible with iPhone, 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

When the developers of FiLMiC introduced this feature during the Apple event, it seemed that this news would have been integrated in the app FiLMiC Pro. For now, instead, have preferred to release a specific app designed just for this purpose, but it is not excluded that in the future, simultaneous video arrive also in FiLMiC Pro.

Using the new APIS in iOS 13 for video, multi-cam, DoubleTake is able to show a preview of all the footage from the four cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro (ultra-wide, wide, telephoto and front) and all cameras (from two to three) of the other iPhone compatible. From here, the user can choose the two cameras to be used for video recording.

filmic pro

During recording, you can choose the layout in split-screen or picture-in-pictureand. You can move this PiP on the screen, tap to enlarge it or drag it away if it is a source of distraction (the second video will continue to record normally). The user can also decide whether to record the two videos as separate files separate, or as the only video that also includes the PiP window.

No shortage of functions to set and lock the focus, adjust the exposure, and control other parameters of each camera. For example, just tap on any point to set an area of interest, then tap it again to lock or unlock focus and exposure.

The videos are recorded in 1080p, the highest resolution supported by the API Apple for acquisitions in multi-cam. The PiP video composite or separated files of this mode are recorded as a file .h264 .mov files and are saved in the internal library of DoubleTake that supports export in batch in the camera Roll of iOS.

DoubleTake is not the first app on multi-cam available on the App Store, but it is definitely among the most interesting. Not surprisingly, its developers were chosen by Apple for the official presentation of the multi-cam.

DoubleTake is available for free on the App store.