The technology is now at the centre of our life, in good and in evil, not only for the Internet of Things or for access to the network in any corner of the Earth you are, maybe in the 5G, but also for weaving plots of political (more or less legitimate) and stealing personal data for the purposes of extortion. In this specific case, let’s talk about the convoluted story that involved a first-person Jeff Bezos, number one on Amazon and the Washington Post, and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez – with Mackenzie Bezos, the story is officially over last summer, the american newspaper The Enquirer, and Saudi Arabia. In short, a perfect mix between scandals, private, business, murder and politics. And technology, in fact.

Only a few days ago was released the news of the hacking of the smartphone to Bezos by sending on WhatsApp a video from the Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman. The fact dates back to the 2018 (HERE you can find our in-depth information), but the details on how the device was made vulnerable have emerged only now. But why the Prince of Saudi Arabia?

To cut a long story short, here comes the speech to be linked to international espionage. Bezos, as I said, is the owner of the Washington Post, the newspaper for which he worked, Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered inside of the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. Khashoggi had long spoken out against the crown Prince of saudi arabia, and according to the CIA, the journalist would have been attracted to the inside of the consulate in Turkey to “put to silence as soon as possible” (this was reported by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet).

Probably, it is said, Khashoggi was aware of the plots that could endanger the electoral campaign of Trump in 2016. The plots related to the tycoon, the publisher of the National Enquirer, David Pecker and friend of Trump and of the arch-enemy of Bezos), Saudi Arabia, and a former Playmate. In the Country of saudi arabia the President of the USA would have invited Pecker thanking him for having purchased – and subsequently covered up – all the material burning on the betrayals of the then candidate for the White House.

Here the technology goes among the protagonists of this braided each other from 007: in particular, one has to dwell on the iPhone Jeff Bezos and on WhatsApp. Yes, because the story can have a different ending depending on which route that follows (a book, game…), but the concept is the same: someone gets in possession of personal data of Jeff Bezos, including photos risqué. Here’s two hypotheses:

  • it was the crown Prince of saudi arabia during the famous phone call, 2018. The video sent via WhatsApp from 4,22 MB would open a security hole that would allow to steal data without the owner (Bezos) being aware of it. Several experts have in fact noticed an abnormal leakage of data from your iPhone immediately after you received the video. In this case, the accusation would be political: bin Salman would be avenged of the anti-Trump brought forward by the Washington Post hackerando the smartphone to Bezos, handing over the material burning at The Enquirer, which, in turn, has blackmailed the number one Amazon. The extortion would have been rejected and denounced by the same Bezos.
  • was Lauren Sanchez to spread out the images. From the policy passes to the chronicle pink (more or less): the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported the opinions of the public prosecutor according to which the girlfriend would have sent on his own initiative the photo to his brother (why, then, do not know), which, in turn, would have had scruples special to turn them over to The Enquirer. We always end up here, but the tour would be very different.

Beyond the accusations, Countries, rulers, journalists and publishers, in this entire matter has been pointed to two technological realities: WhatsApp from one hand, iPhone in the other. To have spoken up was only Facebook, which in turn gives full responsibility to Apple: the VP of Facebook, Nicola Mendelsohn, in fact, speaks of “the weak points on the security of smartphone operating systems”, blaming the Cupertino company for not having provided enough tools to allow Bezos to not be hacked. Be careful, though, because WhatsApp has never been invulnerable: you see, in fact, the story of “spyware policy” that involved the israeli NSO Group, and then denounced by the same Facebook.

On the other hand, there is Apple, who is not even too much veiled by the company of Zuckerberg not to be sufficiently safe with iOS. Here there is little to add: from Cupertino were not released statements.