More news for the security of Facebook Messenger: after the works in progress for audio/video calls are encrypted, the Android version of the messaging app could be enriched with the feature to unlock through facial recognition.

To provide some information on the processor and Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), that in the last hours has published on Twitter a screenshot of the settings of the new feature.

According to what emerges from the image (see fig. the gallery at the top), the new feature – unless subsequent modifications are dictated by the coincidence of names with the same system of unlocking an Apple – should take the name of Face ID. Through the Settings, you can also choose when to activate it:

  • when you leave the Messenger
  • 1 minute after leaving Messenger
  • 15 minutes after leaving the Messenger
  • 1 hour after leaving Messenger

The data of the faces of the user – specific social network for blue in the short description above – will not be transmitted to the server of Facebook, Inc. Once enabled, the Face ID, also, users will be able to respond to messages from the notifications bar or to the incoming calls even with the app locked. It is not clear if the same features will also be used for the iOS version of Facebook Messenger.