OnePlus Concept One continues to capture the attention of the community and press around the world, despite its presence at CES 2020 was only an exhibition, and the intervention in fair, Pete Lau, has unveiled a few more details, the latest news about this device does not seem to have yet come to an end.

Hit the headlines for his form photo capable of disappearing thanks to an electrochromic glasswhich, until today, it had been possible to see him and touch him, only in the variant with a body of orange skin, definitely very eye-catching and of great visual impact.

What we didn’t know is that there is – or at least existed – even another coloration of the OnePlus Concept One, unveiled today by Kevin Tao – designers involved in its design – through a new interview published on the forum of the company.

Kevin has published two unpublished shots of the device in black color, although it is always of the same prototype.

For the lovers of the smartphone total black, this version will be absolutely state of the art, the black leather trim create a greater sense of continuity with the electrochromic glass , which hides the cameras, by further emphasizing “the philosophy of the design burdenless”, which has as its objective to introduce a smartphone as clean as possible in the forms and without cameras that protrude.

With regard to the questions posed to Kevin, during the interview, most of them have already been answered in the intervention of Pete Lau a few weeks ago, the topics treated have in fact recovered what we already knew on the glass elettrocomico and filter with NDN that “dark rooms”, about the possibilities that this technology be introduced in the future on the new smartphone of the company, and on the whole the project has involved the processing of the skin color of the glass.

In this regard, the designer has wished to conclude the interview, stating that in the future will be found alternative materials that can be used to achieve the same look and the same feel of the prototype, while being more environmentally friendly and easier to treat.

For the rest, OnePlus Concept One still remains a sort of twin of OnePlus 7T Pro – the hardware is the same – the only difference being that the latter is on sale for some months, and the first is likely to remain only in the collective imagination.

  • OnePlus 7T Pro is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 739 euro.
OnePlus 7T Pro is available on logo_ebay.png a 648 euro.
(update on 23 January, 2020, 08:40)