Apple TV+ is prepared to receive a massive dose of new original content, but it seems that the news for the streaming service of Cupertino may not end up here, at least according to Bloomberg.

After some success in the field of video and, in fact, it seems that Apple wants to go back to the beginning, dusting off the old – but ever so popular in this period – instrument of the podcast. The theme of the episodes, according to what emerges from the report, it may be linked to the shows broadcast on the Apple TV+; the source, in fact, highlights how the house of Cupertino has begun to ask the producers of the series to collect a few ideas for you can create audio programs that are connected directly to the show.

The first signs of interest came up in the summer, and by that time Apple would have remained in contact with the producers, even if at the moment have not yet been formalized plans for the recording of the podcast. As pointed out by iMore, the interest of Apple to this sector is manifested from nothing, as the house of Cupertino had already begun to evaluate its entry into the world of podcasts in the past.

A clue to this comes from the assumption of Emily Ochsenschlager, former director of the podcast section of the National Geographic, which took place at the end of 2019. Until today, Apple is limited to offering one of the most popular platforms for the publication of the podcast, but it seems that now wants to play a leading role.