Nubia Red Magic 5G is the next model in the line Nubia dedicated to gaming, designed to take the place of the Red Magic 3, which in our review we had convinced more as a tool for gaming in mobility as well as a phone.

Red Magic 5G promises to push on the pedal of gaming, with a screen 144 Hz and Snapdragon 865: and today on channel Weibo of Ni Fei, co-founder of Nubia, appeared in a video showing the device in action with a variety of games during a session wireless the cast: that is, as you not only view the gameplay on your screen, but it also transmits in wireless mode on the TV.

If we pay attention during the playing of the video, we can see how the latency is still perceptible, especially when the object of the test is a fighting game, however the outcome is fully playable and still awesome when compared to the sector. And we can also get an idea of what will be the design of the device, even if the focus of the video seems to be all about the performance.

Red Magic 5G we know that will come with a battery of 5,000 mAh , and a power supply 55W. Also, always via his profile Weibo Ni Fei, some time ago, had revealed the information on the form of the photo which will be equipped with the device.

In the post below, beyond the translation from chinese to English that turns the Red Magic that he took the photo in an unknown “Red Devils”, we can note the inscription “shot on Nubia triple room“: by summing the two pieces of information, if it is true that three clues do a test, it is also true that in this case the two clues make a triple cam.