Yesterday was a day full of ads for Netflix. After having announced the arrival of the animated films of Studio Ghibli, the note that the streaming platform has launched another bombshell for the lovers of cinema: the publication of a short film of David Lynch. To celebrate yesterday his 74esimo birthday, the well-known filmmaker american has made a gift to his fans with “What Did Jack Do?”

Shot in 2017, the short was screened in a single occasion, during the Festival of Disruption in New York city in 2018, and then it became unavailable, not being available on any platform for streaming or format for sale. A true rarity then, if you consider that, until today, some of the authoritative sites in the field of cinema, not mentioned, not even the work in the filmography official films.

David Lynch, he is a monkey. What Did Jack Do is available now.

— Netflix Italy (@NetflixIT) January 20, 2020

The film lasts about 17 minutes and sees Lynch in a multiple capacity as director, screenwriter, editor, supervisor of the sound designer and the composer of the music. Like almost all of his films, the subject stands out for the plot is very particular: in this case, the filmmaker plays a detective intent on interrogating a monkey talking is suspected of murder. The all-in-black-and-white, just like in his debut film Eraserhead.

According to some sources, the collaboration close between Lynch and Netflix on the occasion of her birthday might make you think the production of some content previously unseen in the future. However, this is mere hypothesis.

Her most recent work, for now, is the acclaimed return of The secrets of Twin Peaks, with a third season aired in Italy on Sky Atlantic (which by mistake he had anticipated the first two episodes). So, are you curious? You just need to be able to tune in on Netflix to find out what the little primate to the detective Lynch, without forgetting to wish him a happy birthday!