Huawei has filed with the German patent deutsches patent-und markenamt for a patent which leaves you wrong-footed. And not because the sum total of the cameras (between front and rear) you get to eight, which would be a record. No, the peculiarity of the document this time lies not so much in the elements of novelty or difference, as in the similarity close to an already existing device.

The portrait is in fact a smartphone is practically identical to the Mate 30 (HERE you can find a focus on photos and the autonomy of the Pro version), except for one detail: the module photo the back is enriched by an additional sensor, located centrally in the iconic circular element, thus composing a penta cam.

For the rest of the back is the same, as well as the front, with the screen “waterfall” that slips over the edges of the notch that houses the three sensors capable of guaranteeing even facial recognition.

Therefore, they are still standing two assumptions, always assuming that the patent translates into commercial reality (in this particular case, it is already practically on the market, as said, except for the penta-cam): or the Mate 40 that will be really very similar to the Mate 30, or the range of Mate 30 is intended to receive an expansion by including a model from the camera compartment enriched. Maybe this could be another limited edition, to accompany the already existing Mate 30 RS the Porsche Design.

The Mate 30, on the other hand, beating curiously, if the same as we have told you, is already one of the best cameraphone on the market, and perhaps in Huawei, keep us not to lose positions in a space which is soon to be undermined by the Galaxy S20 Ultra, who, with his “Space Zoom” periscopico 100x promises to raise the bar in the industry (HERE you can find all the latest information about it). And, in fact, P40 Pro time already it is rumored that will integrate the same technology.