DAZN, the streaming service dedicated to the sport, has made the point on the sports season, 2019. The communicated data can be compared with those of the previous year. At the global level and has registered a growth peri to 98% (from 2018) in the 9 Countries in which DAZN is present. Overall, users have viewed more than 500 million hours of content on the platform. DAZN wanted to provide a touchstone ironic to give an idea of the spread of its services. The mount of hours is equivalent to see a series as popular as “The Throne of Swords” over 6.5 million times, more than 57,000 years of streaming. The sports seen at the global level is the football (314,6 million hours), followed by baseball, engines, american football and boxing.

The numbers for Italy, they speak instead of over 79,3 million hours of content, 90% of whom live. More or less what listen to 146.7 million times the song “It’s always Nice to” Coez. The ranking of the 5 most celebrated sports is different from the global one:

  1. Football
  2. American Football
  3. Volleyball
  4. Boxing
  5. Baseball

The city’s most active confirming Milan with 18.6 million hours, followed by Rome (9.1 million), Ivrea (5.8 million), Naples (2.7 million) and Turin (2.2 million). The devices favorites are always the ones from the living room, then Smart TV, set-top box and console. The quota is equal to 61% of the total (48.5 million hours). The mobile devices and the PC will hold the remaining 39% (30.5 million hours). The data show then a slight increase in the segment “mobile & web”, which registered a +2% compared to the year 2018.

The live event seen in the Christmas period to 2018 has been “Juventus – Roma”, while for 2019 are “Atalanta – Milan”. On the first day of the year 2019 users have preferred, however, to the final of the World darts Championship.