LG patented a smartphone with flexible display around the shell @BitFeedCo.

Although LG is among the leading producers of flexible displays and OLED, until now, has been pretty quiet in the category “flexible smartphone” not having participated in the first generation of devices equipped with this technology. In 2020 and in 2021, things should change, and, to corroborate this possibility, there is a new patent just filed.

As you can see from the images, in the idea of a LG, the flexible display bends outward until they engage the rear shell. This means that it is not necessary that the entire body to bending, as is the case today with the flexible smartphone Huawei Mate X or the Galaxy Fold.

LG thinks instead of maintaining a fixed-shell does not fold and place a flexible display the OLED is very thin (and probably with magnets) that can extend to become a tablet (it would be interesting to know the degree of resistance of the display fully extended) or to bend and attach to the rear shell.

Above this flexible display, there is space for the camera compartment. Returning to the “old style”, LG has positioned in a frame upper entrusting him with the function of the rear cameras that the camera front.

On the whole, we must admit that the design is rather interesting. The screen seems to bend with an angle so large as it bends around the body of the phone, then we could finally have a display completely without folds in the middle. It could also double the size of the screen very easily without taking up too much space in the pocket.

All, however, remembering that it is still only a patent, and that there is no clue to the fact that LG decides to actually persevere with the idea and to build a flexible smartphone with this form factor.


LG patented a smartphone with flexible display around the shell @BitFeedCo.